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Shockwave Therapy

Toronto Ergonomics Centre uses Shockwave Therapy to help their clients reduce pain & accelerate their body`s natural healing ability”

Most commonly treated:

Plantar fasciitis

Heel Spurs


And Toronto Ergonomics is only one of the few clinics in the Toronto and Thorncliffe area offering this unique shockwave Therapy service

FInd out more about this unique service Click Here (Add this link to the CLick here enPuls 2.0 – Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH)

How long does it take? Typical treatments last 5 minutes per area that we are treating. In that time we typically deliver about 2000 pulses. Most conditions require multiple treatments spaced several days apart to allow your body to do its natural healing in between sessions.

During your initial assessment our team will evaluate your specific condition to estimate how many treatments you will need.


Action Equals Reaction

Treatments take as little as 5 minutes with immediate results

Unlike many other forms of therapy, with Shockwave Therapy you will usually notice immediate results.

These often include:
• A significant reduction in pain
• An increase in your range of motion, improved mobility
• Your muscle tone is normalized
• Previously noticeable “knots” or tightness have become relaxed

Is it effective, can it help me? Yes. The evidence overwhelmingly supports Shockwave Therapy as a breakthrough technology that is often the best choice for certain conditions that do not respond well to other forms of treatment.

Shockwave therapy works without the use of drugs to stimulate your body’s natural healing process. There is an immediate reduction of pain and improved ease of movement. Shockwave Therapy may even eliminate your need for surgery.

Is It Safe? Yes. All studies show that Shockwave Therapy when used for the appropriate conditions has no negative health effects. However, there are certain conditions where it is not recommended. These include coagulation disorders, therapy over cancerous regions or tumors, children in a growth stage and pregnancy. For this rea son we take special care to assess your individual condition and medical history.

Does it Hurt? If your treatment is on a “fleshy” area, you are not likely to feel any discomfort at all. Treatments on “boney” regions tend to be more sensitive. Your first treatment may be slightly uncomfortable but most patients find it tolerable. As your body heals, you will find each successive treatment easier.

If you are especially sensitive, adjustments on the equipment can decrease the discomfort you feel.


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