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Orthotics & Orthopedic footwear

What are Orthotics?

An orthotic is a device that can be placed into the shoe to align, support, prevent or to house foot deformities and improve function of the foot. Used together with appropriate footwear, a foot orthotic can be very effective in helping to treat numerous foot and lower limb problems including heel, arch and forefoot pain, shin splints, also pain and complications related to health conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

Who would need to wear orthotic shoes?
From mild discomfort in the foot and knee to severe problems, a foot orthotic can help a broad range of patients. A detailed assessment from a footwear and orthotic expert can confirm if a foot orthotic will assist a person with a particular foot, leg, or even back problem.

Is it important to put a foot orthotic in proper footwear?
A shoe acts as the foundation for the foot and provides a stable base for a foot orthotic to be placed on. An orthotic can be less effective by placing it within unstable footwear, as the shoe may work against the benefits of the orthotic. The foot orthotic is only as good as the footwear it goes into.

How long will a foot orthotic last?
The lifespan of a foot orthotic varies from patient to patient. The materials used to make the orthotic, the patient’s foot structure, of course the current levels of activity, age and physical condition all have an effect on the lifespan of an orthotic.  If your symptoms begin to return it is a good idea to have your orthotic reassessed to determine if modifications or a new orthotic are necessary.

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